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As a designer, I'm passionate about fashion, creativity, and sewing, but my passion goes beyond the garments I create. I'm also a campaigner for social change, and an advocate for unique self-expression.

On my YouTube channel I'm sharing my skills and experience with you in a series of videos. You'll find videos about sewing, upcycling, styling, sustainable fashion, cruelty-free beauty and makeup, and about buying less and buying better. I show you how I shop for vintage, pre-loved and good quality clothing, and combine them with handmade and upcycled clothes and accessories to create my unique style.

My love of being unique and my mission to shop more sustainably means that you won't find any fast fashion clothing hauls on my channel. I want to encourage you to break free from trends and beauty standards to create your own unique look.

I also take you behind the scenes of my life, Rockstars and Royalty, and my social enterprise business, The Just Be Revolution, in my weekly vlogs.

Follow this link and check out my channel. Make sure you click the 'subscribe' button and then click the little bell so that you get a notification when I upload new videos while you're there. And if there's a video or tutorial you'd like to see, or a topic you'd like me to cover, just let me know. I love to collaborate too, so get in touch with your ideas. Vicky xo

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