About us

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Who are Rockstars and Royalty?

Hi. I’m Vicky, the founder and designer of Rockstars and Royalty. After spending eighteen years hidden away in my studio designing and creating elaborate couture gowns for my clients, I finally found the courage to take my own advice and follow my dreams. I was seeing over and over again how my clients transformed as they put on the dresses that I had created for them. Their confidence grew and their body language changed and I knew that I wanted to find a way to bring this feeling to more people. I took a leap into the unknown and found some supportive friends and mentors to guide me, and Rockstars and Royalty as you now know it was born.

Dresses to fit

One of the problems that I heard about over and over again from my clients was how hard it was for people who didn’t fit into a standard size dress to find gorgeous dresses that actually fit. To solve the problem of getting the fit right, I came up with the option of mixing and matching the dress sizes at the bust, waist and hips to get a dress that’s the right proportions for your body. Our ‘how to measure’ guides will show you how to measure yourself and how to choose the right size or combination of sizes for you. You’ll also be able to choose the skirt length you need when you order a long dress. If you need help at all, we’re here to guide you.

Be Yourself

At Rockstars and Royalty we want you to be yourself. Right from day one, I decided that everyone should be able to choose for themselves what they want to wear – not the designers who are designing one range of designs for smaller dress sizes, and a different range for ‘plus size’. I also decided not to categorise the dresses as ‘wedding’, ‘bridesmaid’ etc. Again – it’s up to you which dress and customisation options you choose for your event. One person’s idea of what a wedding dress is can be vastly different from what another person’s idea of what a wedding dress is. You may not have noticed, but I also don’t label anything by gender. The dresses aren’t ‘women’s wear’, they’re ‘dresses’. The ties and bow ties aren’t ‘men’s accessories’, they’re just ‘accessories’. I want everyone to come to the Rockstars and Royalty website and feel welcome, to feel comfortable to choose the clothing that they want to wear, however and whenever they want to wear it. I hope you come here and feel inspired to express yourself and to be you. I believe that this makes Rockstars and Royalty pretty unique and special and I hope you do too.

Small beginnings

We’re starting small. There are just a few dresses and accessories to order at the minute, but as we grow, so will the range of designs, the size range, and the fabric and customisation options within each design. We’d love to hear what you think and we love feedback, so if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the site or anything that you think we can do better, let us know.