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Rockstars and Royalty Vicky Kidd-Gallichan

 About Me

Welcome to the world of Rockstars and Royalty. I’m Vicky.

I have worked as a couture gown, corset and costume designer for over 20 years, initially under my label 'Devotion' in the UK, then as 'Rockstars and Royalty' since I moved to Australia in 2007. During this time I’ve become known for my elaborate couture gowns and costumes, my corsetry skills, and my love of sparkles and embellishments.

I love to be unique and want to encourage you to find your own confidence and personal style. I believe that everyone should be able to choose to wear the clothes that they love and that make them happy, regardless of their age, gender, body type or dress size. 


About Rockstars and Royalty

At Rockstars and Royalty, you can have a unique couture gown, corset or costume made just for you, buy something from my ready-to-ship or sample sale designs, or use my YouTube videos and sewing supplies to create something fabulous for yourself. Click the links below to read more about our services. We are located in Canberra, Australia.


With my full couture service, I will design and make something just for you. From gowns and corsets, to headpieces and accessories, to corsets and costumes, I will bring your vision to life.


Rocked Up Frocks

Do you have something that you love but wish was a bit different? I can revamp, re-style, embellish, and alter, and change it into something you’ll love and cherish. Get in touch and we'll see what we can dream up!


Are you creative and would rather sew something for yourself? I’ve built a unique skill set over my 20 years in the fashion industry and I want to share these skills and encourage your creativity and self-expression. I will teach you to sew, either via my YouTube videos or in private sewing lessons. I also hold workshops when time allows.


Samples and Ready to Ship

Choose from a range of samples or ready-to-ship products, from dresses and corsets, to bags and accessories on the website, all of which can be posted quickly or collected from the Rockstars and Royalty studio. These will vary and will often be one-off pieces, so if you see something you like, don't wait - I may not be able to make it again!


Sewing Supplies and Fabrics

As my YouTube channel has grown, I've been asked more and more frequently where I buy my supplies, so I have added a selection of my favourite sewing and embellishment supplies to this website for you to buy direct from me, many of which will be the ones you see me using in my videos. I'll be adding more products over the next few months.


Vicky xo