Handmade To Order

All of our dresses, skirts and accessories are hand made to order in our Canberra, Australia studio to your design and size choices. The current time between ordering and posting is 4 weeks.


Designs That Match

A lot of our dresses, skirts and accessories are available in the same fabric ranges and are perfect for it you need matching or complementary accessories for your partner or bridal party or mismatched bridesmaids' dresses.


Help As You Design

Check out our handy tips as you're designing your dress or accessory. They'll give you more info about all the customisation and size options.

About Rockstars & Royalty

After 18 years designing and making elaborate vintage-inspired couture gowns, designer Vicky Kidd-Gallichan is now bringing you an online collection of customisable special occasion dresses and accessories in the style that Rockstars and Royalty has become known for.

About us

What our customers are saying?

I needed a show stopping gown to wear the the Telstra Business Awards. Having a size 12 bust and hips with a 10 waist means clothing doesn't fit me very well. I knew Rockstars and Royalty would be able to make me feel like a million dollars and I was right ! I chose the floor length Roxy dress in the silver sequin. There are no words to describe how amazing this looked and felt like to wear. Every single aspect was perfect and it fitted me like a glove! Lining is something that is often overlooked, often thin flimsy fabric is used. My gown has the most glorious lining, the weight of it added a certain feel of luxury. More than that it helped the sequins to glide and swish, and it was comfortable... Flimsy fabric lining means you can feel the sequins when you sit down - not comfortable! It also meant that you could not see the pockets, yes I said pockets ! The pockets were almost life changing, I was able to have my lipstick, phone and Ventolin with me and unless my hand was in there you couldn't tell they were there. I honestly looked and felt like a million dollars, I can't tell you how many compliments I received! I cannot recommend Rockstars highly enough, I guarantee you will feel incredible and comfortable in a Rockstars gown !
Rachel Evagelou
Canberra, Australia
The dress you made me from my new collection. The comments I got were amazing. People looked and smiled and I walked past. I felt like a princess and I totally out shined and shimmered every other lady. Stuart’s look on his face when he saw me in this was the icing on the cake. He asked me to marry him! It’s amazing what a good dress can do. Thank you.
Patsy Delaney
Canberra, Australia
I love love LOVE my dress. Thank you Vicky
Gabrielle Salib
Canberra, Australia