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The Moonstone Gown (named after the most beautiful pink and white rose) is my latest couture creation. I'm constantly looking to improve my skills and learn new techniques, so whenever I make a new couture sample dress, I push myself technically and try to make designs or include features that I've not done before.

Rockstars and Royalty Couture Gown Sequin Mermaid Dress Tulle Ombre Canberra Australia

Model, hair and make up - Sarah The Pale Pinup

One of the new techniques that I used in the this gown is call thread tracing, and it's used to hide the seams within the design of the lace. I'd thread traced small areas of lace on past gowns, but this was the first time that I'd used it on every seam of a full length dress with sleeves! I really underestimated how long it would take, but the results look so good that I'm really happy that I made the extra effort to use the technique. It's finishing details like this that make couture gowns so special and makes them stand out from mass produced gowns. 

Rockstars and Royalty Making A Couture Bespoke Wedding Dress

In the video below, I take you on the journey of creating this gown, from design and measurements, to making the pattern and toile, to alterations, cutting, sewing, hand sewing and all the finishing details that go into making a couture gown. This gown took 65 hours to make in total. I hope you enjoy seeing the process. I also talk more about the process and some of the issues and decisions about the fit and construction in my weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel. Enjoy. Vicky x

 There's more information about have a Rockstars and Royalty couture gown designed and made here.

A huge thank you to Sarah for being model, for patiently visiting me for all the fittings needed during the complicated fitting process, and for creating the perfect hair and makeup for the shoot. You can see more of Sarah being fabulous and an amazing body-positive role model on her Instagram.

Vicky xo


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