Purple velvet non hotfix glass rhinestones
purple velvet non hotfix glass rhinestones

Purple Velvet Non-Hotfix Flatback Glass Rhinestones

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Purple velvet non-hotfix glass rhinestones with a silver foil backing. 

SS12 (3 - 3.2mm) 360 per bag

SS16 (3.8 - 4mm) 360 per bag

SS20 (4.6 - 4.8mm) 360 per bag

SS30 (6.3 - 6.5mm) 72 per bag

Please note that I count the quantities using digital scales. Due to the slight variation in crystal sizes, the exact number per bag may vary slightly.

Variations in colour between sizes and orders may occur.

My preferred method for attaching rhinestones to fabric is to use a wax pencil and E6000 fabri-fuse.


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