E6000 Fabri-fuse Rhinestone Adhesive available from Rockstars and Royalty Canberra Australia

E6000 Fabri-Fuse 2oz

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A Washable, Acid Free, Clear Adhesive from the world renowned E6000 brand.
Permanently adhere appliques, trims, lace, ribbon, decorative accents, leather, yarn & fabric to fabric. It can be sewn through easily even after drying!
Sold in a convenient squeeze tube with fine tip applicator nozzle. The generous 2oz or 59.1ml tube gives you plenty of adhesive for lots of applications!

This is the only product I now use for rhinestone application on fabric. It holds the stones on so much better then other products that I've used in the past, and doesn't have the fumes or toxicity of regular E6000.
Use in combination with a wax pencil for quick and easy rhinestone application.

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