'Constellation' and the influence of music on my work


‘There are many parts of us that make up the whole picture’.

With the Constellation series, as well as featuring dresses and accessories from the Rockstars and Royalty collection, I wanted to capture some of the many sides of me that make up who I am. I am a designer, an entrepreneur, a mother and so much more. I assembled a creative team who I knew not only understood my brand and my personal style, but who would also bring their own ideas and creativity to help bring the shoot to life. Lori Cicchini from Loriana is a multi-award winning photographer who creates dark, enchanting photographic artworks. Lori has shot my designs many times, and the images have always been perfect and have blown me away every time. Her 'Ghost Stories' series was based around my 2014 collection 'La Mothe-Chandeiers'. I knew her style and attention to detail was perfect for the images that I wanted to achieve. My makeup was by Kimi Sanders of 'What Would Blair Do?'. I’ve known Kimi for a long time and we’ve worked on many shoots together and I knew that she was the perfect makeup artist to make me fabulous. Kimi totally understands my love of drama and all things pink and sparkly. My hair was by Jeanice Branch of Guerilla Hair. Jeanice is the queen of alternative hair and wigs. Again, I’ve worked with her on many shoots and knew that she’d be able to create the dramatic styles that I wanted for this shoot. To get my hair the size it was for the ‘Wonderer’, Jeanice used my own hair, plus clip in extensions and a back combed wig pinned into the back to make it as big as I’d imagined it to be!’. My amazing flower crown is by Fionna Tamin of Peony n Pearl. Fionna creates the most beautiful flower crowns as well as being a talented florist. I gave Fionna the brief to create something big and pink for me and she didn’t disappoint. She knew that when I said big, I meant it! Thank you, Lori, Kimi, Jeanice and Fionna for bringing my concept to life. I see ‘Constellation’ as being an ongoing and evolving project and I can’t wait to shoot more looks to go with it.


The Stargazer

‘We swam among the Northern Lights

And hid beyond the edge of night’

‘Northern Lights’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars

I’m wearing the long version of my Stargazer dress, which I designed and made for this shoot.

The Wonderer

‘Follow our stars under a painted sky

We’ll leave the world behind

We’re learning to fly’

‘Shine’ by Depeche Mode

I’m wearing the knee-length version of my Roxy dress in mother of pearl sequins with a pale pink petticoat and my Mae birdcage veil in white net with a mother of pearl sequin bow.

The Dreamer

‘Celestial ocean, choice and chances

Future love and light

Infinity has many faces

I see them all tonight

In you’

'Agostina' by Puscifer

I’m wearing my Robyn dress in light pink to dark pink ombre lace.

The Protagonist

‘Does every heart beat

Burn a white heat in your blood’

‘Formaldehyde’ by Editors

I’m wearing the large version of my Gemini sequin bow tie in black


 The Influence of Music on my Work

‘Let's fall in love with music

The driving force of our livings

The only international language

Divine glory, the expression

The knees bow, the tongue confesses

The Lord of Lords, the king of king

The king of king, oh yeah’

‘Man of Golden Words’ by Mother Love Bone

Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. From listening to my parents’ records when I was little, to discovering my love for rock and metal at 13 when I found a cassette of Motley Crue’s ‘Shout at the Devil’ album in a hire car. I fell completely in love the second I put it on. It was like nothing I’d heard before! The first live band I saw was Motorhead. I was 14 and it got me completely hooked on the thrill of seeing live music. I’ve played various instruments (badly) over the years (drums, saxophone, guitar) and was in a couple of (terrible) bands during my teenage years, but I soon realised that I preferred to be in the audience watching the music rather than making it. But music has always continued to be an important part of my life and has for a long time influenced my work.

The lyrics associated with each image in the ‘Constellation’ series reflect this love of music and its influence on my work as a designer. I’ve had times when designs have been completely inspired by a song, and other times when I’m working on a design and a song I’m listening to at the time will ‘attach’ itself to that design and I’ll forever associate them with each other. At the minute, the music I’m listening to has had an overall effect on my drive, passion and ambition to follow my dream to take Rockstars and Royalty in this new direction. It’s encouraged me to believe that anything is possible. I hope to keep this message going through Rockstars and Royalty and through a new project that I’m working on called ‘Just Be…’. (More about that soon!)


Here some of the music, musicians and creative people who are influencing and encouraging my work, creativity and giving me the confidence to chase my dreams at the minute –

Thirty Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto

I’ve loved Thirty Seconds to Mars since someone lent me their first album many, many moons ago and I find Jared Leto’s creativity, determination and passion in everything he does completely inspiring. He’s proof that you can be successful at more than one thing and that if you work hard and follow for your dreams, you can make anything happen. If you love music, check out Jared Leto’s documentary ‘Artifact’. It follows Thirty Seconds to Mars as they fight a $30m lawsuit from their own record company while recording ‘This is War’. Artifact is a rare insight into the ugly side of how record companies treat their artist and an inspiring story of fighting for your dreams and for what’s right. You can watch Artifact (and lots of other Thirty Seconds to Mars videos) on Vyrt.

Amanda Palmer and ‘The Art of Asking’

When I first heard the Dresden Dolls, I was completely hooked. Their songs, their image and the performances that went along with it were just a perfect package, and I’ve loved everything that Amanda’s done since. Her connection to her fans is so unique and inspiring. She’s the perfect spokesperson for women and for art, which resonates with me completely. Her TED talk and her book, ‘The Art of Asking’, (which I’m currently reading for the 3rd time) were a huge influence on me taking the first leap into the unknow with the new website and the new collections. In the ‘Art of Asking’ Amanda really validated for me that art and creativity is a real career choice and that if you ask for help, anything is possible. If you haven’t seen her TED talk you can watch it here. Even though Amanda’s talking about music, her message is still relevant to anyone pursuing a creative career. Amanda’s coming to Canberra next year and I couldn’t be more excited to finally see her live.


Other bands that I’m listening to a lot who are influencing and inspiring my work and helping me to keep following my dreams at the minute are –

Puscifer. I’m seeing Puscifer at the MOFO festival in January and I can’t wait. I’ve seen Tool and A Perfect Circle live, so I’m really excited to finally get to see Puscifer. This will be my first festival in a very long time and my first visit to Tasmania and I can’t wait.

Editors. I’ve loved Editors since their first album came out. ‘All the Kings’ is my favourite Editors song at the minute.

Depeche Mode. I fell in love with Depeche Mode in 1990 when I bought Violator and I’ve never fallen out of love. I’ve been listening to their 2001 album ‘Exciter’ and their 2013 album ‘Delta Machine’ a lot recently.


Wow this turned into a really long blog post and now you know a whole lot more about me! I don’t usually share so much of myself like this, but I wanted to give you an insight into who I am and why Rockstars and Royalty is more than just another fashion label. I put my heart and soul into everything that I do here and what you see is a reflection of who I am. I’d love to know more about you too. Who or what influences your life or your work?

Vicky x

Here's a bonus behind the scenes video from the Constellation shoot x

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